A Small Pug Makes A Perfect Emotional Support Animal - 2021 Guide

Dogs are the number one choice when adopting an emotional support animal. It is because dogs are man’s best friend and stay by their owner through thick and thin. If your doctor or therapist has advised you to keep an emotional support animal, we recommend you to get a cute and loving dog. Well, all of the dogs are loving and adorable but getting a small dog breed is more suitable if it is your first time handling an animal through an ESA letter. So let us discuss some of the popular dog breeds which are wonderful emotional support animals and we will also tell you why.

This dog breed has a friendly and fun personality. They become part of the family quickly. They are funny and love to go out. They are also recognized as Cuba’s national dog. If you love to do exercise or go out, you should definitely pick a Havanese. They are very energetic and would love to go on trips with you.
These are small in size but have a huge affectionate heart. They are popular among ESA owners and pet owners because of their loving nature. They have a monkey-face and you can easily tell them apart from other breeds. They get along well with others and love to cuddle. As an ESA owner of this little pooch, there will be no time that they will leave you alone.

If you are looking for a small but a dog full of energy then we suggest you get a Yorkshire Terrier. They have silky fur which makes them the most beautiful and stylish dog breed. If you are allergic to dogs, yet want to adopt one, the good news is that you can adopt this breed.

Pugs love to rest their head on your lap or just sit by your side. You can keep them inside a house comfortably. However, you will need an emotional support dog letter, if you wish to keep your ESA in a housing society that does not allow animals. You can request your medical health professional to issue you an ESA letter.

Pugs are adorable and always put a smile on your face with just how cute they look. They also get along well with humans as well as animals so if you have a family, pugs are a pretty good emotional support animal choice. As a precautionary measure, we would not suggest you take a pug with you on an airplane as they feel difficulty while breathing in airplanes. We have discussed the most adorable ones but there are some other lovely small dog breeds too. You can choose a dog that you like but remember to give it lots of affection and care.